Natural Tinnitus Treatments – Beyond Supplements

Natural tinnitus treatments usually consist of either herbal supplements or homoeopathy. These remedies are meant to balance the body and make up for the lack of certain nutrients. The theory is sound, but still leaves many people with ringing in the ears. A very different and promising approach to tinnitus is with sound therapy. The first type of sound used for tinnitus treatment was masking. This means using a white noise sound generator to distract you from the tinnitus. While this gives relief temporarily, it doesn’t stop the tinnitus. More recently we have seen sound therapy programs that improve the way our brain responds to sound. These programs can actually produce permanent relief from tinnitus.

Sound therapy, using classical music, was first developed by the ear doctor, Alfred Tomatis. This treatment was made available in clinics around the world and helped some tinnitus sufferers. However it was very expensive and required many hours in the clinic. It was also restricted to major cities so could involve a lot of travel. Others have taken Dr. Tomatis’s idea and made different forms of this type of therapy that can be used to treat tinnitus. Dr. Berard copied many of Tomatis is ideas and developed his own treatment called “The Berard Method.” He had a different way of filtering the music and did not use classical music. His method was mainly used in the treatment of autism.

The first person to make a portable listening therapy was Patricia Joudry, who used it to cure her sound sensitivity. Her portable method and her books on Sound Therapy have helped thousands of tinnitus sufferers. Ingo Steinbach, a German sound engineer, also adapted the Tomatis method into a portable system. This system, called SAMONAS is used a lot in Germany to help children with learning difficulties. Others have also developed listening programs to help children learn. Paul Davis experimented with composing his own music to help tinnitus and did a Ph.D. through Curtin University in Western Australia. This resulted in a program called Neuromonics that is sold through audiologists. Programs offered through clinics have helped many people but are also very expensive.

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